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23 January 2009 @ 09:29 am
Looooooooooooool omg I love this guy

28 October 2008 @ 10:04 pm
21 October 2008 @ 08:49 am
...Bought a costume and now I have to get rid of it somehow -_-
Not used, only tried on once.

My mom went ballistic when she found out (she was expecting them to still be like $20- like back in the day)

Goodie that Holloween was ripped away again. I really want to kick her in the face.

Can anyone help me sell it? For serious?
I need at least $50-60 for it. -__-

It's expensive because the material is higher quality.

Kimono Costume
Size: S/M (its only a tiny bit big on me and I'm 5'5'' -110 pds, no boobs) D:
3 pieces (Top, bottom, Obi)


19 October 2008 @ 01:15 pm
30 September 2008 @ 09:32 pm

Ride ‘em
FFVII- Zack Fair
Requested: Hikou


“Your kidding right?”

The black haired soldier merely shakes his head at his companion, laughing at her sudden change of heart. He knew she’d pull a last minute decision but he wasn’t going to let her out of this one yet.

“Come on Hikou, lighten up. It’s not that hard.” Zack Fair muses, running his hand through the thick yellow feathers just under the creatures neck.

Hikou blanches, and points accusingly at the bird. “You didn’t say this was what we were traveling in…” she pauses before making a face and correcting herself. “…on. It’s a damn bird!”

“Chocobo.” comes the lighthearted correction followed by a grin that makes her want to sock him right between the eyes. “Well this one is Saul.”

“Goodie, the thing has a name.” comes her own retort but Zack is already ushering her towards it.

“Just try and ride him, loosen up.” the solider all but picks her up and throws her over the saddle where she death grips the reigns in an effort to stop herself from falling over to the other side.

It’s approximately 2 hours from here, Mideel to get back to their original route and Zack believes riding a bird will be fun. The country boy in him seems to be shining today but he has another thing coming if he thinks this will get them anywhere. Saul shifts slightly but enough to cause Hikou to rear back on the reigns harder than necessary and the bird squawks out a loud protest.

Zack laughs again from his position, which is now atop of another Chocobo and Hikou glares at him. “Let’s just get this over with.” she huffs out a breath of irritation. “How do you ride this thing?”

“Well just kick his sides with your heels…” Hikou does so but with more force than needed and the bird launches into a frenzy, bucking and flapping wildly.  “…lightly.” Zack shakes his head and jumps off his own Chocobo to assist her but the bird manages to toss her off before he gets there.

Hikou hit’s the ground and rolls, quickly climbing to her knees to avoid rolling into the rest of the hay and dung around them. Saul has other ideas though and rounds on his fallen rider, and for a moment Hikou can actually see the thing glaring at her.

“Move out of the way!” Zack yells, but Hikou can only reconfirm that this had been a bad idea from the start. There’s practically no where to run so she does what any irritated woman would do, takes off her shoe and chucks it at the birds head before sprinting in the opposite direction.

“Fucker just ATE my shoe!” she hisses out, running passed Zack and to the fence where his bird stands obediently.

The black haired soldier can only shake his head, taking control of the situation and calming the animal down before placing it back into its stall. “It’s only because you kicked it too hard, you know.”

“No I didn’t.” comes the sheepish response. “That thing doesn’t like me.”

The bird makes a noise that sounds ridiculously like a snort and she glares at it. “See.” and she’s now standing in front of Zack who’s leaning against the flimsy wooden bars that are separating the stall from them.

“Come on Hikou, how else are we going to travel?”

“…we have a truck don’t we?”  she crosses her arms.

Zack merely lays his hand on her shoulder and gives it a light shake, one with makes her stumble because he is excessively more bulkier than her. Saul coos behind him and he grins as Hikou starts taking off her other shoe. It seems pointless to wear only one so at least she has enough sanity to wear none at all.

“Yeah well, if you didn’t have to ride ‘em country boy we’d be half way gone by now, you know.”
“Not my fault you can’t ride a Chocobo.”

She all but chucks her other shoe at him and he ducks. It hit’s the bird instead and it squawks out in anger, lashing back with one of its long legs and hitting Zack in the back. He stumbles forward and knocks into Hikou before they both go down.

“Dude you did not just drop me into shit.”

“…that was him, not me.”

28 September 2008 @ 10:06 pm


FFVII- Cloud Strife
Requested: Hikou


It was completely unconventional, yet so necessary that he is stuck with her.

“Where are we even going?” Shinohara Hikou hisses out, shuffling around the scraps of old metal and debris. She has no qualms about kicking over whatever is in her way and  right now, there’s easily enough wreckage and old scrap trains to call it a graveyard. Though nearly half of what she actually can walk over, she trips over instead because they are walking at night with no flashlight.

It’s been nearly two days and it’s a wonder how the aloof blonde behind her can even tolerate so much complaining in one session. It’s become routine for him to always hear her opinion on anything and everything but it’s never bothered him.


“You don’t know where we’re going, do you?” she skips over some basic chairs, jumping atop of one before climbing atop of an old passenger car. The metal and plastic groan beneath her but the car stays where it is.

“You could have stayed back in Wutai.” comes Cloud’s low retort and Hikou makes a face down at him, watching him climb over more debris.

The blonde continues on, gaining a good couple of meters space in between himself and his companion and showing no signs of stopping to wait for her. In the distance, wolves howl whilst he can also hear the sounds of lingering monsters just outside of this train graveyard. Behind him, Hikou yells at him to wait but he continues on, nearly passing the end of the passenger car she had been sitting on. 

She throws herself into a stand, thin sheet metal bending below her feet, cracking loudly before she is running down the length of the line to catch up. The moonlight provides just enough light for her to manage to leap over the first separation of the cars but she still manages to stumble a bit.

“Cloud! Wait the hell up!” she yells. “You’re not leaving me in this shit hole alone.”

The only thing logical that comes to her mind is to take a leap of faith off of the car in an effort to catch up but just as she jumps, Cloud actually halts instead, standing right in the spot she’s doomed to crash land.

His blue eyes can only see her figure falling at him so fast and his mind can only react at the same rate but neither of his senses work this time around at the abruptness. They collide and he is thrown to the ground, landing with a loud grunt while she is cushioned atop of him.

“Why’d you have to stop right there?” Hikou moans, laying on the blonde completely in defeat.

Cloud sighs and sits up, taking her with him. “You didn’t have to jump off a train, you know.” Pieces of rock and plastic fall out of his hair . “How was I supposed to know.”

“Because you should know me already.”


He waits for her to shift off of him so he can stand but after a moment there is nothing but a light tug of his pants. The action sends heat flaring into his stomach and he nearly jumps.

“Uh, Cloud?” Hikou pipes up.

“What?” comes a flustered response.

“My jacket is stuck…” she trails off and he’s reluctant to hear the rest even though he knows where.

“Get it un-stuck please.” he nearly groans when she tugs again. “Only you could manage to do something like this…” he’s beginning to feel the threshold of embarrassment gripping him.

“Well gee, sorry.” she doesn’t care because downtime with her partner is a plus on her list, but the situation seems a bit awkward nevertheless. “Not my fault you didn’t zip up your pants all the way.”

Cloud leans against a large piece of glass and is about to reply until there’s the sound of a fence rattling and then a flashlight is glaring them in the face.

“What are you kids doing out here!?”

Hikou shoots up, a regrettable move because Cloud grunts in protest and grabs her free wrist to stop the movement.

“Oi!” the voice comes again, closer. “This isn’t a place to have sex, get out of here!”

“WHAT!?” Hikou yells at the man, no doubt the owner of this piece of crap graveyard. “Excuse me but who the hell would in this dump anyways.” but the man is already walking away, not wanting to deal with ‘teenagers.’

“Hikou.” Cloud hisses out, grabbing the wrist beneath the material stuck in the zipper of his pants. In a couple fluid jerks, it’s free but in its place is something else entirely.

“Got the hots for me now, Cloud?” Hikou grins while Cloud’s blue orbs close in irritation.

Of course, tonight is one of those nights that toleration is thrown out the window.

25 September 2008 @ 09:49 pm
Rude // FFVII
Requested by Snow-Rayjah

A/N: Omgawl don't hate me. Hikou jumped me lul. Rude is one character I've never written/thought about before. Whups?


The A.M. dawns again, seeking a source that Midgar cannot provide but the toll of time continues as do the faceless people that walk aimlessly around the bland streets. They are aware of him as he is of them but the severity of opinion is vastly contrasted between the two. There is no end of compromise between him and the people of Midgar but there is no need.

His job is top priority, it always has been.

The chatty red head at his side is more of a loose cannon, and as much as Rude tolerates his partner, it is more of a grown attachment. Reno has no qualms of striding away, nor does Rude care because he knows that the red head can spot a good time when he sees one, even in the middle of work.

It takes little effort to shake his head, pushing up his dark sunglasses farther up the bridge of his nose. He’s never had much of an outside persona, but even so, there is no need for extravagant lifestyles.

Instead there is one lingering strand of his humanity that is trapped within another web of duty, wrapped so tightly that he can’t decide whether or not he truly wants to escape anymore. It comes with the click of her heels, clicking continuously in a slick rhythm of an authoritative sense. She is born with an iron fist, a face of harsh beauty and a body honed for battle beneath that casual business suit she adorns.

Rude has stopped his stride before his mind has actually made the decision, not simply because she is higher up on the chain but because the curve of her lips sends a chill down his spine. He can easily say that he is not one for such calculative schemes as she is renowned for but there is no escaping her grasp once she takes hold.

There are no words shared, simply because Director Shinohara Hikou does not need mere words to get her point across.

The paper that is between his fingers, being cradled roughly is enough of a message before she is moving on down the street, a faceless soldier flanking at her side. He should really hate her, it seems some underlined rule to do so, but Rude finds he cannot.

And so when the sun has dropped below the horizon, and he has hung up his badge, it comes as no surprise to see her nearly swaying in his doorway. Nothing is different, the light smell of alcohol is permeating into his lungs but neither of them care.

The routine continues as she enters, shreds the role of Director to become nothing more than Hikou and Rude cannot find spare logic the time of day before she is crushed between his arms to cushion into his body.

The door shuts to another night of pretend and wayward emotions.

Needless to say when he finds himself in his bed and the naked Hikou sitting next to him, there is no sense of modesty. She is in all her glory, muscled and uncaring but still a woman. Rude is left fishing for his sunglasses that have landed somewhere on his side of the room because they are his shred of normalcy, the hidden protection he relies upon.

The curt sound of clicking grabs his attention and he tilts his head to find that Hikou is devoid of here and now, the silver zippo lighter in her grasp is glinting off the low lamp light as she repeatedly opens and shuts the lid.

He knows she is unaware of her little habit because after every secret romp she leaves the present and he knows that her sobriety is somehow backwards, that the alcohol really brings out a sober Hikou.

“Tomorrow.” is all that he can provide, reaching over and taking the small zippo out of her hand before setting it on the nightstand next to the bed. She’s never smoked but it’s a nick-knack that she’s always had with her.

Tomorrow is when she can wake up and resume the role of goddess, kill more men and slaughter more ideals.

Because right now, Rude has her to himself and that is enough.

His hand easily slides through the tresses of her hair and pull her back into the reality that is shared between them and them only. Tomorrow he will hate her again but for now, he can only lose himself in her.

The curve of her lips sends his own mimicking before he leans in and steals her breath for the tenth time that night.

The A.M. dawns again and she is gone. Yet as he wakes, he can only come to realize that she has, in all reality, been gone for over 2 years now. The cycle of their routine is only a continuous shadow of what had been and somehow he can’t suppress the fact that it still reeks havoc on the Turks senses.

The lighter is left on the night stand though, and Rude can only frown, refusing to look at it.

25 September 2008 @ 05:45 pm

Yeah I followed up like Hikou did. SO WHAT IM BORED AND HOT AS HELL (90deg here)
-avoids getting mauled-


Anime: (Im pretty good with knowing most animes ACCEPT those parody seinen types plox)
Game: (FF7, KH, .HACK//)

Character: (boy plox)

Insert: (OC, self, reader)



_____________________________ OR __________________________________

OC FANART (Anime style)
Proof of semi-drawing capabilities: http://koneko21.deviantart.com

Hair color/style:
Eye color/style:
Clothing description:
Optional: (Pairings)
Other: (Anything else you can think of)

24 September 2008 @ 01:55 pm

Way too much time.


I want WHAR with flash buddy D:
19 September 2008 @ 08:44 pm
30 Questions, each one answered with someone's name (mostly). I'll give you the answers and you can only have the questions if you're going to answer the meme yourself.


> 1. Little Duck for sure.
> 2. KK though it's been awhile.
> 4. Angie.. omg forever too
> 5. Alex..STFU man, breathe.
> 6. HIKOU <3 which is good cause I suck in that category.
> 7. Little Duck ;O 
> 8. Hikou, Megan and Duck
> 9. NO ONE PLX - Sleep > ALL
> 10. KK, she's too good at it.
> 11. Other people.
> 12. Oh bby, I haf no clue.
> 13. Allison and her Laker cheerleader friends omfg *serious*
> 14. Me? Kayla >__> fooled me for 3 weeks...shit.
> 15. Steven cause he'd fit right in LOL
> 16. NO ONE I KNOW ;o;
> 17. Ian and Jon... Dx
> 18. Hikou *imagines as a doll*
> 19. Megan for sure.
> 20. ... *points around*
> 21. Dollface LOl
> 22. ...Still Hikou D<
> 23. No one wtf
> 24. Chance it with Hikou but most likely Addison ;o;
> 25. ...Dylan Dx
> 26. ...LOL anyone cuz guys can be pretty 'tarded.
> 27. Little Duck, KK and Stvn but he got pwned.
> 28. Totally me. Fuck. At least once. D: and Hikou cuz we'd be that awesome.
> 29. Totally a hot japanese dude.
> 30. 大きい知性は考えを論議する。平均知性は発生を論議する。小さい知性は人々を論議する。
Cuz im a bitch like that to make you translate. >D